From the development of Shanghai dragon industry road micro interview three insights obtained

Chen Kai in Shanghai Longfeng work around, before to read Zac write "Shanghai dragon feel of actual combat password", the writing is very comprehensive and very detailed, very helpful for us to the Shanghai dragon people, it has been very concerned about the Zac, 4 pm today, sina "development of Shanghai Dragon Industry Road – micro interview", invited guests Shanghai dragon industry Montana Zac Zan Hui, Guo Gavin et al., so this feast of nature is not to be missed, of course, mainly to learn knowledge. By paying attention to this micro interview feeling learned a lot of things, the answer given by the expert giants are components, so I want to share three insights I have recorded for everyone.





2. the construction of the external links


website construction of the external links have been Shanghai dragon Er are of considerable concern, because the external links to the website ranking plays a very important decisive factor. Two teachers are pointed out how to operate the external links: the first is submitted to the directory, and then consider other ways in the construction of the chain.

"content is king, the chain for the emperor," content is king said is the correlation between the original and the theme of this website is meaningless to Shanghai dragon without content, and if it is not related to some topics and content, for the customer and the search engine it is not a natural judgment good website, only good content to retain customers to win the popular search engine. Today’s interview on this aspect, Zac and Gavin have published views of Guo zhuang. Feng Jihuan asked: "what is the most difficult in Shanghai dragon?" Zac said: "on my personal website, content is the biggest difficulty." Shanghai Longfeng no dignity asked: "content is king, the chain for the emperor, still do some speaking?" Guo Zhuang replied: "Gavin should be more to social networking media collection and user experience is slowly moving, you want to have the preparation". From the above two big answer can be seen, the content quality of Shanghai dragon is very important and also Shanghai Longfeng difficulties, and how to create content that idea. Rely on users to generate content in this way for our personal website really should be prepared, extending a forum, blog for his website, to rely on the user to evaluate the user generated content, interaction. This is not only in conformity with the contents of the relevance of the theme, and the original degree is high, and can improve user stickiness, improve user experience, the contents of this strategy is really necessary.

1. web content (the core difficulty is Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon)