Chemical site optimization techniques and precautions

such as search engine drop-down box and relevant search words, webmaster tools long tail word mining, love Shanghai for the background mining long tail word.

chemical website, general business is more popular products, such as the station, with high temperature and high temperature adhesive sealant, you may have heard, but this kind of polyurethane modified epoxy resin in professional terms, I believe that few people know. Because of the special nature of the chemical industry, chemical industry and general business website station or electronic commerce station in the optimization and promotion process, the need to pay attention to the following questions.

this is a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar website a lot, but the chemical products are no index, and products derived from many proper nouns, and these words indeed someone in the search, as the site optimization personnel, these long tail precise words not to be missed, in addition to several commonly used word mining practices, which can also be used methods

through B2B mining platform.

chemical websites of many products, ranging from hundreds of products, many tens of thousands of. This product is placed in a website without good planning, it is easy to make your site look out of order. The author believes that the localization of chemical sites, the first to see the company’s core strengths, two love Shanghai index. As the company’s products have high temperature sealant, electronic packaging material and liquid damping materials etc.. But before a product is love Shanghai index, then a product almost no one search, so the author’s web page title on the high temperature adhesive.

Location and structure of

a lot of chemical class customers are more willing to go to the main B2B platform, because there is a manufacturer and product more. Dig through B2B words, the author first Alibaba and hc. As the Alibaba search glue, the long tail word as follows.

Mining and layout of


, website

B2B platform search engine more accurate to dig the long tail word. Everyone noticed, I search for high temperature glue, Alibaba not only gives a high temperature glue factory, green high temperature epoxy sealant sealant, high temperature and so on, but also the type of material and combined into a new long tail word, in particular class of materials and high temperature sealing. These words indeed someone in the search, if not with the aid of B2B platform website search engine, it is very difficult for us to dig very comprehensive >

the second chemical websites not only pay attention to the website main products, but also the main customer group. General station enterprise customers, mostly terminal consumers, and chemical websites customers are purchasing department, or wholesalers. Therefore, chemical websites to be professional, outstanding advantages, and not as fancy shops such as Taobao to promote their products.

1, the traditional method of digging the long tail word.

two, the website keyword