A man in Shanghai Longfeng exhausted and there is nobody love

alone in the Shanghai dragon ring is not strange, a lot of people who had several roles in ordinary things, I was one of them. We first talk about the situation of the company, has been two people, one is me, a lot of people may think that another person is the art program?? the chain Commissioner?? you are wrong, another person is the boss. I held many jobs you as can be imagined. In addition to the company’s business, go back and take care of their own Calvino Shanghai dragon team thing, really tired.

of traditional enterprises, the education industry, we are responsible for the enrollment, the original enrollment is the main means of TV Newspaper ads, along with the development of network marketing concept, our company in 10 years began to establish a website, do optimization promotion, but also opened a Shanghai auction of love. The website ranking is really easy to do, one of five new sites, half a month, the ten or twenty main keywords, 627 long tail word, basically all entered the home, the number of students is constantly rising, the boss is crowed. In the 12 years of the 520 love Shanghai earthquake, the ranking is still strong. Until last year because of the record, shut down after a month, ranking clattered out a lot, I was also a person always insist on every website an original article, then write some soft Wen submitting, occasionally send some blog, but the ranking is still not improved, seeing a rival site beyond us to the boss, under the command of the dead, the last to either recover, or resignation, and require a short recovery time. Maybe there is a large number and I like Shanghai dragon ER, you are not like me to say these words to the boss.

said some of the good, I am also in charge of the Ministry of network ah, is actually a guanggansiling is not working, the boss, so basically the size of the company’s affairs are in charge of me. A normal maintenance management 6 of the company’s website, said not tired, that is a lie, editing, promotion, optimization, which is the most basic work, such as customer reception, delivery delivery, customer service and so on is a person in my busy day is how tired as can be imagined. Before all, launched a new station, almost half a month time ranking has all ready, now changing with the search engine algorithm, has become more and more difficult, also feel a personal website management so much more difficult. So I want to say, now do Shanghai dragon, is not a single time, even if only a few helper help to write their own original articles, it can also be a lot easier. And now our website effect is not ideal, because the record last year, shutting down a month, now website traffic and compared to the same period last year, nearly 4/5, the boss angry, I am also very anxious. For enterprises, a Shanghai dragon ER has not enough to make up the brilliant company website. Basically it is team operation, so if a person still insist on fighting for the website, do more harm than good. In terms of time or efficiency, will certainly fall behind.

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