Business owners to be rational optimization

2. popular keywords do for promotion, this is how many companies will conduct the operation. Because whether through optimization or through the auction website ranking pushed to the home page, bring the flow is very impressive, but the price is a lot of money. The ordinary key click cost a few cents, competitive click of a few dollars, if it is a very popular keywords, click on the cost of dozens of blocks. Well, after some of the techniques and the bidding ranked up, product display rate is very high, the flow is considerable, the click rate is also very high. If the enterprise clicks a bidding budget for a short time with the light. But the boss is not satisfied with the result is very. Why, orders or rarely, or not what we want to improve? Look at the rational optimization of enterprise boss this time.


Internet business opportunities, so that more and more enterprises attach great importance to the optimization results in the search engine’s own website on the one hand, please optimize the staff on their company’s website, followed by product promotion. However, business owners must take a rational view of optimization.

website ranking is up, the company did not order, optimize personnel can not blindly blame the boss. Why? Because you do optimization personnel, product advertising, promotion, is nothing more than a purpose is to make up words, now ranked up after the order is no reason not to carefully analyze the


because this relates to a traffic conversion problem.

1. do not be anxious, some traditional industries or products competitive products do not expect big say half a month or a month to the home page optimization. The difficulty is relatively large. Optimization of a product, a keyword, and at the same time to grasp the need to take into account too many things. All for the healthy development of the enterprise website is not

business owners will pay attention to competitor’s performance, sometimes through.

flow, a click, but there is no performance, the enterprise itself is actually more need to reflect on. No matter what the customer is through the way to find your site, they enter into the website, you can contribute to the performance of the enterprise itself, the relationship between the product itself is very large, the customer shall pay depends on your firm’s price is competitive? The quality of your products can get the trust of customers are you? The customer service service to reassure customers? If your website or the whole content to provide customers the services they need? Whether caused by a non sense of trust to others? Whether the product can’t guide customers to purchase behavior? These factors is affecting the performance of the enterprise.

customers to find you, regardless of target customers or prospective customers or potential customers. Through the network to find your website, that is to say the optimization work out effect. But they do not pay, is who? The author believes that the non optimization personnel, but their own.