From out of the powerful love Shanghai original spark program plays a role in it

second, to clean up the garbage

well, Xiaobian included off badly, love Shanghai original spark program work? That is the welcome, master came to the message exchange. This paper first to optimize the marketing network 贵族宝贝hg- Shanghai dragon crown Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/huangguan /57.html, if you want to reprint, please indicate the source link of copyright. Thank you

can identify the site of spam

is the original spark program strictly removing large amounts of pseudo original garbage article. Love Shanghai original spark program launched in June 20, 2013 on-line, on-line period did not find rankings included what big changes, can appear a lot of sites recently included drop very much, the extent of the decline is terrible.

is the original spark program help the original content of the website, it is very helpful to the original site is covered. The so-called original spark program

what effect?First, !

can be seen from the figure in July 24, 2013 included the amount of 80 thousand, in July 25th the snapshot is 6427, this period included the amount of reduced ten times, ten times the concept of what ah. This may the day Shanghai original spark program play a role. The implementation of love Shanghai original spark program, the original update it really is the arrival of the so-called lucky star, can be seen from the graph the pseudo original update or acquisition of their article is how serious ah. Also from the diagram, then we should take a more original content update route. Because of this love Shanghai algorithm is also updated very frequently, gradually eliminate the garbage outside the chain, and now began to eliminate spam. It seems that 2013 we will go station based, supplemented by the chain line. The new route optimization can refer to before the small release ": the station based, supplemented by the chain"