Honestly say Shanghai dragon industry how deep water

now I know who is one of my clients, he began to study the Shanghai dragon from 2000. What we do throughout the day to see Shanghai dragon training of God, they are what began to contact the Shanghai dragon? I don’t want to use to describe the research for this great God, can only say that contact. The customer is a founder of Shanghai dragon team, his team for many large companies in Shenzhen planning and implementation of search engine. We first take a look at my customers this ten years, in his own words (to tell our chat, I slightly touches as follows):

from the beginning of 2000 of Shanghai dragon, 12 years now, so many years of feeling down search engine almost no change. To put it bluntly, let me out of jail for two years, I can still do my job now, because the search engine model in product development is very slow, there will not be much change. From the beginning of the 00 year from now I become a person struggling with a dozen of the team struggle, not much frustration during this period, but now I feel no hope, because he is now nearly more than 30 years old, but the more I doubt, this is a career. If this is a business, my company profits to say let me blush, if not a cause, we have connections and so many big companies. The way you really can not see, perhaps is to continue to suffer, or to perish, but I still hope to have the opportunity to glory.

! I am , Shanghai Dragon

my life

now I every day to each big BBS to a circle, A5, why, Chinaz, Shanghai, this is a day to go out for some time, I will go to see the school on behalf of. Every day there will be a lot of people were drowned in the post, behind a post Zatan forum there will be a few seconds, visible everyone is very diligent. To tell the truth as a "

and customer chat I also imagine in their work and life. The author also led a small team, to provide for the original webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er, I want to quantify the market several times, but always not accurate enough. I saw this customer to see himself, though I were fifteen years younger than the customer, but after fifteen years I will struggle if he so. If I stand in this industry, I should not write this article, should not be mouthing Shanghai dragon, but I think everyone a rational look at the industry. In addition, I write not to get bricks, but you want to take a direct shot, but to speak 123th

The earliest study of Shanghai dragon

recognized Shanghai Longfeng starting in 1997, now has more than fifteen thoughts, bigger than love Shanghai at the age of fifteen years, is a concept of what? Chinese more than the average life expectancy of 1/5 for fifteen years, I don’t know how many people struggling for their life expectancy of 1/5 in this industry, but I guess little.

In fact,