On the net in Shanghai has a unique position in the Dragon

web series work on the Shanghai dragon far from these, from marketing to reflect more. On the one hand, the content of the website search engine friendly, but also can not ignore the users reflect the effect. If the network coding and embedded advertising in the article, good advertising to attract users to implant is very helpful. Shanghai Longfeng no matter to the outside of the ultimate purpose is to increase the flow of the user, in order to increase. So the soft effect is no trivial matter.

and brand building, good soft Wen net content in addition to have a good performance in attracting users, to create a more conducive website brand. If an article online editing can spread rapidly on the Internet, and communication website brand word, you will not flow, the user is looking forward to, and become a reality. Shanghai Longfeng do surface is ranking, and in fact if not for the user, in order to profit ranking is not what meaning on the website. So an important manifestation of Shanghai Longfeng but also from the online editing work.

The original content of

website editor can not be replaced.

keyword from network coding:

from the Shanghai dragon network series:

Reflect the

online editing work in Shanghai Longfeng in second embodiment of the keyword design and layout. The key word is very important to Shanghai dragon, but the accumulation of keywords is of no use, reasonable design of key words in the article, subtly reflected keyword may allow the search engine to find you. If the network coding in content without considering Shanghai Longfeng and understanding, so it is difficult to have a good effect on search engine friendly key design and layout will make Shanghai dragon.

in addition, an important part of network coding in label use is also Shanghai dragon, the label content level, help your search engine.

The correct application of the

more and more people of Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon, Shanghai dragon can give website to allow all doubt, bring good traffic. But how to do a lot of people say Shanghai dragon? Is a website editor in Shanghai dragon in the only way which must be passed, or said that many Shanghai Phoenix are over the web editor. This is not the reason? In my opinion there is a certain reason. The promotion has been a saying that "content is king, and the chain", and the content of the website mainly from your website editor, as an important part of Shanghai dragon is web editor, so from the net of Shanghai dragon well is a good path. That is to say the net with Shanghai dragon has a close relationship. The author will from the following several aspects to talk about the relationship with the Shanghai dragon website editor:


is the only original content will make the search engine interested, do Shanghai dragon must do original content website update. The original content of the website by web editors. Excellent web site to edit the original resource update, Everfount, is crucial to the realization of Shanghai dragon. The editor is how important part of Shanghai dragon.