Guizhou Luomeng talk about learning to optimize the course experience of Shanghai Dragon

second: to find a specific supply practice operation, hands-on website, the subject learning, memory theory knowledge is completely useless, must pass the operation to increase the degree of proficiency, through practical exercises, will really find a lot of hidden problems. Do some of the business customers, the experience personally, so after facing any problem, the problem of all sorts of strange things you have similar experience before, would not have seen a rush.

Guizhou Romon: ever and everyone together analyzes the development prospect of Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry, certainly is the choice of this industry is bound to win the development prospects are very bright future for yourself. Each subject, each kind of knowledge learning way is different, some subjects need you some disciplines of learning by rote, you need some divergent thinking, subject learning emphasizes the importance of practical operation. So we should according to the characteristics of the subject, to teach, to achieve a multiplier effect. So for the Shanghai Phoenix to optimize this Internet era developed electronic computer application skills of learning and the final master, should adopt what kind of learning methods, need to learn what kind of attitude to learning

Guizhou Mazzoni believes that any course of study is not easy, we like to go to school, from small to large in the obligation of receiving education, some people cherish the opportunity to learn, study, become the mainstay in one area, but some people do not pay attention to learning, even if there are empty a get rich, become a virtuous and talented person idea, but not on the action, in the end is still in the daydream, talking nonsense.

third: Study of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a very abstract understanding of the need to master a subject, don’t think of no base case by self-study hard can studies, must ask professional guidance and explanation, otherwise will only lead you astray or drill into the horn.

: the first clear what is the purpose of learning Shanghai dragon. Have to have the power, with the power to learn impulse and trouble reason to persist. The real goal must be strong.

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