Discussion on the influence of the chain of love Shanghai web site keywords ranking

this chain is usually love Shanghai can be found, that is simple. If you form, this article is reprinted without removing links, reprint articles once loved Shanghai included, you will add a love Shanghai anti chain; in the forum or you left your site, just to be loved Shanghai grab, this is also a love Shanghai chain.


website optimization friends all know, not content, external links, keywords. And talk to here today is that the relationship between the external links with keyword ranking. First of all, we need to know what is called external links? External links, also called reverse links pointing to their site is from the external links; query external links number you can use the tool to query, can also use the query command query in the search engine. We query the major search engines of the chain, its purpose is to query the results of the analysis, analysis of existing form of anti chain according to the results of the query:

chain can be key links, such as: Guangzhou Seoul code, can also be links; and keywords links can be divided into "God Buffett" and add the two links, "God Buffett" attribute is that search engines do not track the meaning.

chain for the website ranking is how the effect? We can inquire about the ranking in Shanghai love ranking site and his colleague’s website, they love Shanghai chain are generally not less.


on the chain of love Shanghai website keywords ranking


1, love Shanghai backlinks to the keywords ranking effect. Because I nearly a month not to the site to do the chain, the reverse link love Shanghai was reduced from more than 5000 to two thousand, while the main key words "God Buffett" forum, due to the support of the chain keywords did not decline, and other key words from the first page to page second; and Shanghai has increased the love of reverse link word ranking rose.

but we must be clear, is not love Shanghai chain more, website ranking is better? This is of course not absolute! The content is king, the chain for the emperor, the chain usually refers to the key links, and one of the important factors affecting the site keywords ranking, is the quality and quantity of import keywords link. The number includes "God Buffett" and without key links, while the quality is from the higher the weight of import links, the general can exchange Links or buy links. According to the practical analysis, summarizes several conclusions, to share with you this:

2, URL

therefore, love Shanghai reverse link has no effect on all the keywords ranking, but keyword ranking website, love Shanghai trans never rarely, for sex optimization in Shanghai, Shanghai is a natural anti love chain.

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