do the three experience of network promotion

two. A lot of promotion method, the key is to find the best way for you, is the best

a lot of friends mastered many methods, and can use the handy, I really admire! I do promotion time is not very long, not very professional, so some way and will not use, I used to feel good is my own, control their own characteristics and advantages and I take the blog promotion, Forum promotion of these two ways, and strive for excellence, to make features! Pay more attention to the news, write more articles, I personally feel that a method to write the soft but also the promotion of soft paper, because no obvious advertising to say it, but to attract customers the effect of publicity, this is not only a subtle and effective promotion methods, of course, is to have the skills to write text, subject to novel, attractive, can attract customers eyes The ball, eye-catching, concise and comprehensive, a look at the topic of attractive desire to have to read, to be good at attracting people’s curiosity, suspense is very important! Like see mountain like rough, dull, lack of content is not a selling point, like white boiling water not! Sometimes I long time bubble in the forum and share with you, find potential customers, so as to achieve the effect of promotion! Of course, if the integrated use of various means of promotion, I believe it will be better if you like me! Just began to do the promotion, itself is not very.

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I just started to do promotion to do is very simple, is full of repeated labor, and mechanically continue to post, they feel the very wide quite comprehensive, also did not hold much hope, is with a kind of extensive cultivation idea, not to say "God helps those who help themselves"! Do a period of time a summary of this very little effect, in fact, extensive cultivation is just the beginning, after the start of more in-depth thinking, for example to understand the customer’s surfing habits, they will often appear? What time? What love browsing information? Go to understand what is customer needs? What are they most need this information? Go to the intensive and meticulous farming long-term maintenance, can not play, a shot for a place! I just experience ah, not necessarily on! I think if you just write a high quality of the original article, open A popular blog, so the promotion effect will be much better than the non-stop to send a lot of forums, more than a lot of invalid labor

. The so-called "flowers flowers open, the gander", make the promotion of better mentality, not anxious

! never give up!

also have confidence, patience, perseverance, network promotion common heart, willing to spend a lot of time to do the promotion, I saw a promotion in one or two months no significant effect of many people, I just started also! If a short period of time did not see obvious effect it is give up? Then you have a good attitude, it is important to adhere to! Pre investment, after the latter will see the effect! Should pay attention to the long-term benefits, long-term planning and vision, and