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fourth, the company is how to cooperate, will not tie in with the transfer of the old shareholders, first of all from the company side to see, as a company side, he should be able to understand, investors come in >!

is the deepening of economic development in the market today, the brand for the importance of survival and development of enterprises brand strategy has become a magic weapon as everyone knows, many well-known enterprises in an invincible position in the market competition. The rise of the Internet provides an excellent platform for enterprises to carry out low-cost network marketing, and the birth of online advertising has become the dominant force in the advertising industry. Nowadays, both large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises have gradually realized the importance of network publicity, and have included online marketing in the key planning of enterprise publicity and development.

first of all, is why the transfer of equity? There are five reasons: 1, the fund short cycle, LP push pressure; 2, IPO M & exit long time cycle, and policy risk; 3, the founder of selling old stock life improvement; 4, for angel investors. As they enter the company earlier, to a certain extent after the exit return will be relatively high, then we suggest a timely exit; 5, investment institutions, strategic direction when the investment center, the fund is changed, the need for project portfolio for adjustment.

at present, rose year by year for small and medium-sized enterprises of traditional Internet marketing, appeared at the same time invalid clicks and cheating advertising and other conditions caused by more and more small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of the implementation of network marketing, network promotion of waste a lot of money. The colleagues in fierce competition in the price war, brand warfare, network promotion costs because of the limited small and medium-sized enterprises must choose accurate and timely according to the network marketing mode to effect payment in order to reduce the cost of marketing, to attract more potential customers, to achieve the ideal sales target.

the next question, whether the transfer of shares need to obtain the consent of all shareholders, according to our actual combat experience and research found that, first of all, must communicate with major shareholders. After the majority shareholder agrees, the process will be much smoother. Secondly, in the specific process of operation, it is recommended to communicate with some important shareholders at the same time, because it is still necessary for these shareholders to sign equity transfer.

second, when to turn, there are two aspects, first, for enterprises, the proposed B round of financing after the transfer, when the enterprise matures, the transfer of more convenient. Second, according to the person, there are three key points in time can be transferred, the first is a new round of financing, with suggestions; second is to increase the transfer completed within half a year; finally is when liquidity demand occurs.

overall, the current network of the precision marketing model to focus on content and audience for the two core, directional wiki advertising alliance www.weekun unique analysis technology, allowing advertisers to advertising precise delivery to the target audience before advertising targeted very strong. The effect of marketing is remarkable, which reduces the advertising cost of advertisers, improves the advertising effect and achieves a high return on investment. Created a win-win situation for the three parties, will certainly

below, by looking for Chinese customers, according to Xu Xiangjun speech finishing:

I’m here mainly from the microscopic point of view with you about a practical problem on the transfer of shares, a total of fifteen issues, from the beginning of the turn to turn why, what, through what channels, and how to price, in the agreement to protect the interests of the founder, old employees to turn the old shares shares, hope can form a framework for everyone.

but we found relatively precise marketing mode for the traditional sense, simple network marketing is just to play a resource integration, information search and brand promotion, to achieve real business pursuit of the brand effect, promotional products to absorb customer resources there is a certain gap. Compared with the traditional network marketing service system, a wiki advertising alliance in the show, it has the advantages of low cost, high elastic advantage. Network marketing environment can provide both sides of supply and demand line timely communication of precision marketing in the ideal business promotion and procurement, construct the distinctive attributes of network marketing service, and can easily achieve one to one marketing, can be said that the pattern of the Wiki to create a new Internet marketing concept.

China equity transfer market is still in its infancy at the present stage, many investment institutions and individuals while understanding the concept of equity transfer, but the actual operation of the transfer of equity is not too familiar with. In the 2017 session of the second Chinese equity transfer forum, potential strategic research director Xu Xiangjun shares on the stock transfer of fifteen specific problems in the actual operation, from the micro level and discusses some key issues of equity transfer.

in the traditional sense of precision marketing by effect pay, so that most companies that use the Internet marketing feel its value, but also realize its shortcomings. The effect of marketing pay per click form due to the congenital deficiency in the control of defects invalid clicks to most enterprises to a loss, so the old model seems to become more and more suitable for enterprises to pursue the effect of marketing, precision marketing demand desire. The launch of the IP, click on the line to prevent cheating rate setting, source statistics, prevent cheating time surplus to prevent cheating and a series of anti cheating way that wiki advertising attitude in marketing ideas and more pragmatic new opinions on precision marketing.

there is no denying that the transfer of shares has become one of the important ways of fund withdrawal. In the United States, more than 20 billion of the fund, 15% of the equity transfer through the way out, but China’s proportion of less than 1%.

editor’s note: there is no denying that the transfer of shares has become one of the important ways of fund withdrawal.