Touch screen analytics service Heatma ps received 400 thousand in investmentPR Christmas blockbuste

5000 ~ 6999    5%

7000 ~ 9999    8%

on the other, with the whole activity, I also to join the Skype alliance advertisers to improve the product price, from 07 in December 1st, the price adjustment for unified Skype products as the standard, the new price is valid for one month to 07 years ended December 31st:

company attaches great importance to security issues, data will be collected anonymously, so users can rest assured that information security. Although it is in the testing phase, there are more than 100 applications using this service. The scope of application includes tourism, games, e-commerce, education and so on.

from December 1st -12 31, the total registered volume of > =6000 and active / registered proportion of > =30% members, and its settlement costs in accordance with 0.4 yuan / registered +0.4 yuan / active +8%CPS calculation.

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Poland venture announced the completion of seed wheel financing, access to $400 thousand investment. This means that its touch screen analytics service will bid farewell to the testing period and is officially released on the market. As for the source of funds, the company did not disclose, nor do we have any interest in it. is a small iOS framework that is less than 80KB and that can be installed into any iOS device application. When the user is operating, the data is transmitted to the data center and converted into useful images similar to temperature maps and statistics. Moreover, these data can be output in the form of custom reports, and PDF format makes data easier to share.

that month, software products, total sales, bonuses divided into


product name rank by number

list of products participating in activities:

activity content: when the member’s total income reached the ladder after that, the Commission was divided into ladder standards, and the specific steps and criteria were as follows:

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2, during the event will be at the end of the month bonus expense, unified uploaded to the Windows master product prize, everyone please check it then, if you do not open the Windows optimization master products, we will provide you the default.

finally, sincere thanks to the webmaster friends in 07 years of PR alliance’s support and help, we wish this event a bumper harvest, next year more money immeasurable


it can record the location of the user’s first touch, the user’s most frequently clicked location, user gesture and other information, through which the user’s operating preferences are analyzed. It plays a crucial role in the application interface layout. Pay attention to the details for application experience the extraordinary effect, perhaps users do not know where the good, but I feel with a cool. That’s a good idea, but one problem at the moment is that it’s too complicated to use.


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3000 ~ 4999    3%

Skype Internet telephony

activity cycle: 2007-12-1 days to 2007-12-31 days,

developers want to stand out among many competitors, and the user experience is a crucial part. To understand the user’s habits, then aimed at the application of user habits tailored to best? As the saying goes: know thyself, know yourself. is able to record the time and location of the user’s touch screen. This feature looks good, but it’s a treasure for developers. Developers make use of these data to make a more user-friendly product and bring a better user experience. Information is efficiency, efficiency is money, developers and designers understand more user information before they can continuously improve their products. now applies only to iOS developers, and the company says touch-screen Analytics Services can expose developers to unexpected problems.



1, during the event, is strictly prohibited cheating, if found cheating, the member will be disqualified from the event.

PR alliance at the end of 07 months on the occasion of Christmas, the grand launch of heavy activity, where in December 07 delivery of software products members are eligible to participate in this activity, a lot of money, welcome to join the webmaster.

more than 10000 yuan 10%