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: I’m Liu Ren from Donews.


Liu Ren: when I said Donews is not ready, the product is also very not perfect, why Donews will sell, there are a lot of reasons, there are several reasons of relatively large, Donews is a profitable website in 2005, but that is Donews in development, and there is no money, is Donews make money site, why there is no money for the development of it, I don’t get paid in Donews, Donews money later became my home a lot of money, Donews is the family and the company’s account is an account, if the money I need Donews to be determined, because of the need to take money from our family, my wife. To be determined, I do not know other webmaster have such feelings, earn a little money is relatively easy, but put the money out of investment is difficult, Donews is to move forward Required investment.

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, let’s start with Liu Ren of Donews.

host: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m Chang Chen from IDG. I’m honored to be a guest host by the organizing committee. I feel like I’m sleepy at the meeting today. We need to raise our spirits. Let me introduce you to the six guests and introduce themselves very much.

said he had so much money to throw, you can rely on a person’s ability to fight money, I said no, I said a little bit, he said you this a little bit will be destroyed, I was a little afraid at that time, people use 10 times as much money to put out, I can not go bankrupt, it financially I think individual owners will face this problem, second reasons in 2005 the whole eight months, half the time I was alone in the house of 120 square meters, at least 70% of the time I was alone, although Donews has three employees and we are all wages, but they are not, I feel very lonely person, then I heard Chen Yizhou threat, so he sold it to Chen Yizhou, I think this is the reason why.

I’m Wang Jipeng from fan network. I’m Peng Li. I’m Huang Yimeng. I’m Kong Deqing, and I’m Chen Yiguang.

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Liu Ren called big brother, two years ago when chatting with Liu Ren, we say Donews financing, or together to impeach impeach, Liu Ren said that Donews does not sell, now selling Donews, after the big brother Liu Ren sold, feel what is different, there is no regret?

is a panorama of the next scene of your personal website. Luo Lei / photo

host: many former webmaster D>

Moderator: I will follow the order and guests introduced a few questions, if the platform has hair branch to me.