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first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

, a former professor at Cheung Kong College of Commerce, strongly recommended this book to his students when he taught the EMBA program. Evaluation of Zeng Ming: this book is Kevin · Kelly speaks more true. Soon after, he joined the Ali group.

early acceptance period can be called "fan time": the public is not interested, and the product developer is very much

company or industry development follow the "S curve", namely each part of the curve is divided into "early acceptance period, interruption period, trough period, cyclone, bowling Street" five times.

In the traditional

as Sina, NetEase, search tradition three major portals, missed the opportunity to become big brother.

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Professor ! Ali

Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi has been talking about a "big brothers" story: after TAB, Chinese no Internet gangster. The fact is this, Shanda, Renren, Youku and other companies have been expected to be "new Internet heavyweights", now look, the new gangster has not become a true old gangster.

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in early 2000, Paul · Krugman is at the end of "rules" writing a preface information this prophecy: a word, say goodbye to the garage kid, usher in a new railroad tycoon — by the way, see on the court.

and Carle · Shapiro and Hal Varian · on the contrary, Kevin · Kelly in "the new rules" new economy "a book that the Internet industry is a new industry, the old experience is not adapt to the industry, a new economic law". Part of the new industry is that opportunities are limitless and opportunities are always for entrepreneurs, not big men.

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over the past twenty years, Kevin, ·, Kelly’s view has obviously been touted by more practitioners, has inspired countless entrepreneurs passion, but also become one of the driving forces of the Internet industry boom. Twenty years later, things are changing, the old and outdated laws of the economy are playing a role.

"information rules" is an economics professor Carle · Shapiro and Hal Varian · CO wrote a book, analysis of the information age or Internet economic law. The book’s point of view is that the information economy or the Internet Economy is new, but the law of information economy is old, and the development of this industry is also old.

for entrepreneurs, this is not the best of times, it was the worst of times, this is the era of bondage".

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investment Sina micro-blog, Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi told the "wolf" has become a reality.


Ali Group acquired Sina, micro-blog, is the product of this background.


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