Network marketing soft how to write

in the network marketing process, indispensable soft writing, but network marketing soft Wen should how to write,


let’s first look at what is the role of the soft, soft Wen is a kind of invisible advertising, write in the soft, should focus on products to write, such as writing ads to the Beihai Hospital Beijing, focused on providing service, even around the web site: http://s. to do some articles. By writing soft this less investment, attract potential consumers eyeball, enhance product sales force, improve the reputation of the product, in the soft, subtle, realize the strategic tactical purposes, guide consumers to buy.

in writing marketing soft advertising, should start with the following points:

first, to research the detailed study, and to understand the relevant contents (such as trade information, industry information, etc.) the best of their own product characteristic, function, target consumer groups, and promise to the consumer what? Can not be guaranteed, then this is related to product sales consumer confidence, or not, is committed to the consumer confidence.

according to the product and industry understanding, establish core creativity, core creativity must be unitary, like a sword, to have originality, to be able to move the target consumer. Why? Because of various now advertising has caused the target consumers annoyed you such a soft copy have no effect on the core of a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, creative you. Otherwise, those who are indifferent to advertising soft text consumers really indifferent.

the core idea is that you write the soft text of the central idea, after the establishment of the central idea, the use of the title to target consumers "loud" greeting. The title is the most important part of most print advertisements, which is the key to the reader’s decision not to read the text. The role of the title is self-evident, it is in the shortest possible time to attract the attention of readers, to convey the important information that consumers have to accept. The ancient Chinese have a very wonderful parable: crested, leopard tail, pork stomach. In the ads, I think is the title must be attractive crested.

has a good title, the advertorial succeeded half, like a peacock, the text to start slowly. So what is the text to talk about? The text is the complete packaging and deep appeal of the product information, or the guidance of the relevant events of the product, so that it becomes useful, effective, reasonable and correct information. Writing a text, avoid using words (if you do, the best note in pinyin, easy to read, this is to read another concern), multi use questions, exclamatory sentence, language should be brief, to avoid tedious, rhythmic reading easy to pronounce.

in the main text and target consumers closer relationship, to find the key point, and the focus of in-depth analysis, through the text so that potential consumers action >