Soft text is not sent in the webmaster network

is also a site of the people, I don’t think he is a webmaster, because the site for me, is just a tool, a means, my purpose is through the website, increase their volume of business, and not to do stand and do stand. I have some of my own views on the website’s publicity methods, and this is what we all agree about, we can agree to support, there are different views, but also peaceful, you can discuss.

I also engaged in the production of

website, but not for others, for their own products and services, and through the Internet, save cost, and bring customers, most of my customers are to me through the website, and ultimately achieve the transaction,

on Admin5 read a lot of articles, there are good or bad, some physical, chemical and practical are relatively strong, there are some in order to send the soft Wen and some, through comments to send their advertising.

here to discuss, the soft hair of the three realms, simple can be divided into: success, dull, failure.

a successful software, in addition to add a connection, but also for your website, your product, your business, your website image benefit. For example, Wang Laoji’s speculation, or send some technical articles, strong and effective method, some SEO some do LOGO, some beautiful template articles, these publicity techniques, are effective and practical, I will return to this successful soft.

on the Admin5, send service webmaster class, as above SEO, technology, LOGO class soft text, or effective. Because the users on the Admin5, almost all webmaster.

second software is plain, plain soft Wen, is more than one connection. If the editor deleted your connection, the article would be worthless, and you would have to pay the labor and time to write, type, and lose money.

now Adsense website, there are a large number of such articles, only to the soft soft and soft, this is not an effective way, you do an industry station, published in the amin5 said how this thing, to see who, in addition to several possible contribution to IP, free to sell their own ideas, but also get what? But the IP is not a valid, no conversion rate of IP.


be interested in your web site? After reading your website about promoting value, do you fall in love with your station and become a loyal user of your website? I’m sure it’s unlikely.

related soft Wen, should be sent to the relevant web site, is successful.

third I think, I think it is soft, has the opposite effect, such as whether see what the article, leaving XXX.COM in the comments, and is not connected, but not related, in addition to others on your website can have hate, what.