The COM domain name king warlords king style of their heart

a few days ago, according to the ICS statistics report, currently the world’s most popular domain name is.Net, a total of about 264 million hosts, and ranked second in the.Com domain, there are about 147 million host users. So, some people think that global sites use.Net suffix domain name is the most.

actually, this is a misunderstanding. The reason is: there is a very large number of servers and routers, you need to set a rDNS (i.e. Reverse DNS, meaning the reverse analysis, the IP is parsed into a domain name; and DNS is the positive analysis, the domain name IP), and most of it is.Net. You see,


in fact, since March 15, 1985, registered as the world’s first domain name domain name suffix.Com so far, has been in the first place in the domain name! According to the statistical data of VeriSign at the end of the first quarter of 2010, the top 10 top-level domain names are.Com,.De,.Net,.Cn,.Uk,.Org,.Info,.Nl,.Eu and.Ru. The total number of global domain names is over 193 million, and is still increasing. Among them,.Com domain name about 4-8 daily increase, while.Net only daily increase of 4-8,.Info daily increase of 5-7,.Org daily increase of 4-5.

.COM domain name, why people in the world are holding it hot, because it stands for the Internet, of course, is the first choice for all of us. According to the official rhetoric,.Com is most popular! From another point of view, because the.Com is the most suitable for the potential investment domain, so we tried to squeeze, dig three feet to Taobao.

of course,.COM itself is not necessarily a "good" domain name, and there are also a lot of garbage, quasi garbage domain names. Your domain name is only your personal satisfaction, or far from enough, "good" domain name is more meaningful, but also to allow others to accept and accept. Of course, if the public indulge in self-admiration no ground for blame, but to get on the table, there is water right.

other domain name suffix, such as.Org, has a special purpose, of course, is the "organizational" site of the first choice. When it comes to.Cn, who cares (but I have a domain name As for the so-called personality domains, frankly speaking, I just watch it with a gesture of appreciation. Moreover, those individual domain names, registered prices are generally expensive. Brother also cannot play them, we can’t avoid


.COM domain name king, warlords, king.