YAHOO statistical small bug and Solutions

Hello everyone. I’m’s webmaster. My station was built just before, put YAHOO statistical code. Here’s what I used in YAHOO statistics encountered in bug and solutions.

why use YAHOO statistics? Personal feeling, Yahoo statistics, statistics is more accurate, and the server is more stable. And also add message function. Hey, this message function is really good. Equivalent to adding a free and stable message book, increasing the interactivity of the site.

, the problem is on this guestbook. If you put the code "leave me a message" on the site. When you click on "leave me a message", enter the message page, and then click Yahoo stats to check the statistics, the problem comes. No scroll bar!!!!!. If you open it with IE, you can only see a window about 550X550. There is no toolbar, no scroll bar, nothing. And the content can only show a small part. I don’t see what you want to see.

in order to solve this problem. Two ideas are offered.

1. Use multi window browser. Such as Tencent, TT, roaming, window of the world and so on. Toolbar toolbars for multi window browsers are not controlled by web pages. So you can see almost all of the content of the web, there is no scroll bar, you can press the left hand button in the middle of the page, no drop.

two, when you choose the code. Don’t choose the form of "leave me a message". After I have tried many times, YAHOO statistics, other code did not appear this bug. Only the message "leave me a message" will appear. But you can’t use the message function. If you want to persist in using message function, use the first method.

doesn’t know if any webmaster knows better solutions. Got the message. No notification to MJJ.

, by the way, find the link for the station. The friends of the library are willing to apply to my station, or QQ49774255