Give a computer professional a way out

as a station, this is the beginning of this year began to contact a problem. But the dream of being a station has been growing for a long time. In the end do the way out where, what kind of station should be done, how specific positioning, such a variety of topics, we do not need to talk about here. But, in the end, we should not stand, should not spend time or even skip classes to do the station?. Everyone has everyone’s point of view, and we can’t do it alone. Let’s do some simple research.

SNS is currently the most popular, especially after TONGXUE.COM 600W$investment, many webmaster do SNS ready to, always think, as long as you stick to, silently, the angel will someday come to our heads. Always think about how to absorb VC what? Here, I still advise you. Don’t always think about people pocket money, people’s money is not white to you. Only we seriously do our own thing, the site is not impossible to profit, and development is not without the road, the key is how you position, how to promote, how to implement your plan.

all forces can move mountains, alone is not likely to be successful. Many webmaster may have tried to team up operation, documents, I stand on my own investigation, many webmaster are in the process of team, because such and such things, finally is nothing. A very important condition for a team is that all players agree with this value, and interest is also important. When you attract players, you should pay attention to a problem, that is, ask your team members and you have the same interests and hobbies, but the character must not be the same. The division of labor should also be clear. To put it plainly, it is to make clear the responsibilities. Don’t let your players take a seat and nothing is done. It’s better to go it alone and put it open.

wants to be your own player: in the early days of the website, there will be some spending and some investments. But as a webmaster, must be considered good, not an account, make good use of every penny. And when the site gains, be generous and don’t care about the mere gains of your players. What we have to do is how to consider making our website bigger, not for immediate benefit. If you focus on immediate interests, then you don’t have much of a future.

the second is to pay attention to improve their ability to design and write a website, this requires at least our players have a dedicated UI (if you don’t have this ability to do it, although now stations are basically CMS or other programs, but we need to do a station two secondary development.


and there is often to communicate with the webmaster. Do not stand behind closed doors, it is easy to change, never had much of a future.

wrote it now, and tomorrow there are classes. I can write my own experience when I have time. Casually mention, I stand on the line for two months, the current A ranking is about 1000000, the team is now normal transport