After A5 hair article a stationmaster added me

              on the 12, I 168 in Xiuyan as an example, published an article entitled "local forum a week to talk about the experience of" article, yesterday evening, there is a webmaster friends initiative with me, and taught me a lot.

          057250.CN;     here, I have to say "thank you" to the eldest brother of both the QQ name and the forum name. I thought in the webmaster this profession, the so-called teachings and suggestions are just a dream, because with 057250.CN big brother, I finally know, in this world, dare to share and share of people still have.

            I told him last night that I wanted to contribute some of what was said to be beneficial to you as a local forum to A5. Everyone is not easy, perhaps I say you know, or you may not know. But no matter how, every idea is learning from the network. The Internet itself is a platform for sharing, and I will do my best to contribute.

       ;     1; Baidu included questions. Initially everyone is using paste it and Baidu know, in fact, we all understand, the new station is best not to go directly to paste your link, easy to be Baidu K drop. The surest way is to post a picture with watermarks.

       ;     2; GG included. This is nothing. Do not submit url estimates, GG will also be included, sitemap is better. These two days are linked to several PR2 and a PR4. Friends from local stations don’t think it’s difficult for a PR0 website to link a high PR station. At least the local forum is actually very easy to find some local forum to see, do not like, everyone is a place, it is a fellow, always face to the point of.

         ;     3, local information. Local information is actually the first and most difficult thing. Because there are fewer people, no one has no information. In general, the solution to this problem is to collect or to reprint other local information website information, change vest sent to your web site to expand content. Local forum, the information must be more, whether it is to collect or to copy content change title, this must be done.

         ;     4>