What are the advantages and disadvantages of a small responsive design

said the response type layout, I believe we have a certain understanding, responsive layout is a design concept is very popular this year, with the popularity of mobile Internet, in order to solve the every kind of browser resolution and different mobile devices display, the designer proposed response design layout. And everyone today to talk about the incident response layout, including what is the response type layout, layout of the advantages and disadvantages of response and response type layout of how to design (response layout through CSS3 Media Query).


1. What is a response layout?


response layout is a concept proposed by Ethan Marcotte in 2010 May. In short, a web site can be compatible with multiple terminals – rather than making a specific version for each terminal. The concept was created to solve mobile Internet browsing.

responsive layout can provide a more comfortable interface and better user experience for different end users, and with the popularity of mobile devices on the large screen, it can not be described by the trend of the times. As more and more designers use this technology, we see not only a lot of innovation, but also a number of shaping patterns.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of

two and response layout?


faces different resolution devices with high flexibility

can quickly solve the problem of multi device display adaptation


compatible with all kinds of equipment, heavy workload, low efficiency,

code cumbersome, there will be hidden useless elements, loading time longer

actually, this is a compromise design solution, which is affected by many factors and can not achieve the best results.

to some extent changed the original layout structure of the site, there will be confusion of users

How should

three and responsive layouts be designed?

In the above

we understand what is the response type layout, it should be how to design in the actual project in our time? In the past, we design the website will be different browser compatibility problems, now also want a different size of equipment, how can we calm down? There is a demand there will be solutions. Oh, speaking of response style layout, had brought in CSS3 Media Query (media query), this is a good stuff, easy to use, powerful and fast…… Media Query is a powerful tool for making responsive layouts. With this tool, we can make a variety of rich and practical interfaces very conveniently and quickly. Next, let’s take a deep look at Media >