My tourist station operation experience

Hainan tourism website is my very early very early some idea, as has been shilly-shally imperceptibly has been for several years, the government has to see to build Hainan Island into an international tourism island press, in order to let yourself not to leave a life of regret, I decided to resign in September last year, determined to be one of the best the Hainan tourism website, doing it must consider and traditional travel websites and travel agents travel website is different (also put me in a work in 51 brothers pulled back, (*^__^*)).

positioning is the key, I do is Hainan tourism website, the current Hainan tourism website is to spread, as long as there is a travel site with their travel a bit detached by enterprises or individuals, regardless of the good and the bad a lot, the Hainan tourism website home will know. In fact, these years in Hainan and mainland visitors or Cheng Zheng distribution, "one billion and three hundred million people sharing a Hainan Island" that is really good, sunshine, beach, air environment in Hainan are first-class, but due to various reasons, Hainan tourism not only has not set up their own brands, but also One’s reputation was a byword.. Cheating, rejection group arise repeatedly leading mainland tourists to Hainan tourism have an extremely distrustful impression, want to travel to Hainan Island but can not find a reliable trusted website and the travel agency.

May we all know

Ctrip, e-long like booking sites, they are portals, hotels have all over the country. I have only one Hainan Island, then I must make this Hainan Island related hotel do the most meticulous and service, do the most thoughtful.

from the price, whether Ctrip, e-long or travel, the price is higher than me, because our operating costs than these big companies is much lower, but not the same as the price of the hotel service are the same, I believe that the guests will choose us, so the price I have obvious advantages.

products are comprehensive, basically, the hotel has some rooms, I have all taken, so that we can meet the needs of different customers, but also to show strength.

service, I seriously investigated, Ctrip, e-long or travel agency in the hotel takes the room more, on the floor in the corner. I made great efforts in this regard, all reservations in my clients here, I have the best room, living in a room, no scenery in Ctrip booking people open the window, and the reservation here in my people open the window on this price is also reflected in The scenery is like a picture.,. Word of mouth is very good.

said that under the promotion, I also don’t like brother King.Lin to do the promotion, is relatively less manpower, has been focusing on technology and business, but the next step is to promote or must do, after all this kind of website according to the customer demand are only on this website.

actually, the webmaster can from his living place to find resources into the Internet, e-commerce is the trend (Ma Yun said: "