Recently see Baidu snapshot

recently in the A5 forum to see many webmaster reaction own website snapshot, most of the snapshots are concentrated on January 14th, January 15th, January 19th, the station ( snapshot stop in January 15th, and Links sites also have many snapshots back. From so many sites in these two days, this situation can be seen, the Baidu snapshot is definitely not the site optimization process problems, but Baidu itself made adjustments.

Why does this adjustment occur in

? I’m here to make a bold guess about the spring festival.

during the Spring Festival, the vast majority of the site maintenance and optimization work will be at a standstill during the holidays, that is to say to those during the Spring Festival in a dormant state of the site, if the site during this your competitors to maintain website content update and optimization work, it is likely that we will go beyond you.


is to prevent some sites during opportunistic to get a good ranking, for all you do during the Spring Festival optimization does not work as ranking factors to reference, and this time period should be one time each week before and after the Spring Festival, at the same time, many of the recent new website snapshot adjust to the last update time until after the holiday, then restore the normal function of the snapshot. However, for those more weight, Baidu more trusted sites, Baidu is not necessary to do so, then their snapshot will not retreat.

more than just some of his conjecture, snapshot of the back is welcome to continue to discuss

statements of a school.