Personal Adsense operating consignment model difficult to mature



website has a lot of money making patterns, such as making money through advertising, making money through Taobao customers, making money through transactions, and so on. 07 years, I try to do flow station, do washing for 09 years, after the integrated portal, vertical portals and consignment mode, until the local community do until now. What I am talking about today is the mode of individual operation and consignment. I recall the consignment model was doing is very tired, very sad, but no results, not that I did not do their own success, I have personal webmaster do consignment model a veto, here it is: I don’t agree with, why not is to share my personal experience.

talk about consignment mode and give an example of

consignment model: I simple superficial understanding for a certain size of others on your web site space, then the space to publish their own selling goods, when the transaction is successful, you get a discount in return.

when I was doing consignment mode, it came from DZ templates, phpcms templates, worldpriss templates, and Dede templates, as well as DZ plug-ins and practical small software inspiration. In the past few years, if you can make successful templates through all of the open source systems above, and if you develop it two times, you can sell it crazy. So I thought: if I can provide a platform for sellers to publish their own templates or software on my website, I do it from secured transactions, through consignment to achieve a certain return, I after a careful investigation and analysis, the station began to do. For me, after all, the "network of rivers and lakes" for many years, also has certain development skills, so to build a consignment model website is very fast, so I only spent 2 days with the dedecms set up their own web site. As long as the seller to register as a member, publish their own software or templates in the membership center can auction on my website, I realize the function of it, as long as the seller transaction I will certainly make some.

then, is such a simple idea, let me to China civilink bought a Linux independent host, his "MOPA began ballet" my site. So, one of my consignment model websites began to operate.


every day for the original release of webmaster, write original technology from time to time, to the website submission, the purpose is to improve the site weight, for the big quiz platform I don’t let go, especially Baidu know, I was almost a different account IP to send cloth, to be honest, most when is the answer. Every time I’m not leaving the answer links, but I want to make a brand website, in order to better effect, I set up the NetEase Sina blog, blog, Baidu space, Sohu blog, blog and a handful of blogs and so on. The purpose is not to send original Bowen, including training while planning to put my >