Witkey publishing tasks to do promotion need to do three aspects

After the rise of

Witkey website with abundant human resources and cheap labor, more and more owners have begun to promote the release of Witkey website in let, let the powerful army of Witkey make promotion for their own website, so that you can achieve good results in a short time and can reduce the cost of promotion website. But Witkey promotion is not a simple task can be released, different methods have different effects. The author thinks, when Witkey releases a task to do promotion, need to do the following three respects.

1. optimize task content

The tasks that

releases should be as simple as possible, so that more Witkey can help you with your tasks. Novices in the promotion in order to make themselves better valuesat, often the Commission will change with the task difficulty, the easier the task reward will be less, the quantity and quality at the same time the Commission reduced potential will affect the task, in order to make the impact to a minimum, it can be considered by other cashback ways to join in Witkey income to attract more Witkey to meet and complete the task, such as cash back in release Witkey inquiry platform promotion task when taken with CPS promotion to improve Witkey income, the specific operation is to register to answer a Witkey cashback member platform promotion, promotion can it released in return now registered links, so in addition to completing the task to get the commission can also enjoy their long-term promotion to members of the shopping Commission, with CPS into Witkey promotion Will pay more attention to quality, rather than simply complete the task, take Commission, for returning now, there is no risk, because CPS points, Chengdu is Witkey own promotion deserve commission. We can refer to this example, combined with their web site to optimize the content of the task.

2. shortens task life

Just contact

Witkey do not understand, because in the release of Witkey, always thought that the validity of the task for the better, a task I publish in Witkey network is to make the mistake of the task set valid for 90 days, the final task of audit staff contact me not so long. Finally reluctantly willing to change for 30 days, the first day after the release of the task, the effect is very good, one day there are more than 180 visits and more than 20 access task, but after second days of visits will be basically no, and no one answered the task, the reason is just released in May in the new task the task is very easy to find Witkey and second days later, in addition to search you this task is very difficult to find their own release task, which is the main cause of traffic decline, so in order to make more power The client sees the task that he releases and brings more flow for his website, suggest to shorten the term of validity of the task as far as possible.

3. task description, transfer to save third party platform

also shows with third task platform can also be improved to a certain extent the quality of promotion, we can try to turn the specification reflected in the title, the title will let Witkey interested in the task, then the task description > save