With 2000 yuan one head into the nternet

I do not know where to start, today is the first day I really join webmaster do this so I will remember it, 9 in the morning to the factory after get paid to that will not work, concentrate on their own website, wholeheartedly service members, perhaps I don’t know what my tomorrow the results of a fad in the heart, only the cost of 2000 yuan living expenses 2000 yuan from all this, don’t know how long I can support, probably like most webmaster like the success of failure, this is my first real business, no network technology I have no relationship I don’t have enough money I will dry up no matter 3721. Think of a lot of people do not rent a house? A cable to a computer is a studio, from dawn to dusk site updates to their own propaganda, confident enough to believe their own will, don’t try you forever do not know themselves how great.