5 points to ignore the online shop secret

Why should

visitors to your website? Sure is to get what they want, they can be of useful knowledge, can make them happy to gossip, or look at the beautiful guy meet the beauty of each individual bloggers should pay attention to those at your website to they provide these.

blog should be targeted, now to build a blog, or even free shop, rent a space can be, it is not your full network scattered on it? You don’t think the search engine will ignore you? Do not treat you as B strange! The two distribution is often said the one is a shop has to do so, the other one is the full flowering, blooming everywhere, I tend to go on a blog, the depth of the line


opening shop people have a few points to note:

1. update frequency should be appropriate. There are a lot of people chop and change, on the net today, tomorrow on the net, or a day update 10 articles, or a week to one, so that you feel is not suitable, how not to mention new visitors you remember


2. do what you do best. This is what I have been emphasizing, to do the investigation, and then shop, requiring you to have a certain understanding of the industry, do not take a step to see, so you will gradually lost interest in online shop


3. will have new ideas, don’t say you shop how pretty good goods, blindly boasting who believe? Do you think that others are 250? Real write comments, not malicious covering problem, on the Internet to know others to engage you, than in reality you can easily engage in 100 times.

4. pay attention to the decoration of the blog page. This store is very involved in your personal hobby, too messy page you look uncomfortable, do you think people will be comfortable? Refer to some similar decent shop, you want to do well in fact may wish to copy, which is the rational use of the wisdom of others.

5, visit more people, and guide others to comment on your article. Don’t sweep the snow in front of all, laosibuxiangwanglai, you not come to me not to do business online is the same reason and practical business sense, you do not take the initiative to who would be so silly I came to? Look at others’ products, it will add a comment, for you to add a see.

points above looks very simple! I play out of the "Oh" sound, but few people have consciousness So that is what it is.! Do something, then we should pay more attention to the


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