Did the garbage station really come to an end

people always think webmaster is a dazzling occupation, a day only sitting beside the computer, a month is hammering thousands of pieces, but everyone knows there are too many helpless! Today in the whole work, one of my old friends sent a message to me, I ask the network station no record, because my website all in the server, not because of what the web site, and the main reason is I have two years of thousands of record of a domain name, try to modify the information, add some domain name does not add! Speechless put it up no longer control over..

is the first CN domain name from a yuan finally increased by 10 times, although it did not like the 100 fold increase in some online said, although it did not completely prevent some rely on garbage station for students of words, so the site record can put you into 18 layers of hell, said this is not an exaggeration to vulgar regulation some time ago, many closed the station you can go to the ADMIN5 search, so much so that the moment the station will give you ashes to ashes! Web site a few days after this time, you may wait for you to open, open, Baidu big brother has to say goodbye, the garbage station lost Baidu I think, he doesn’t have the value of existence of


because it is a garbage station, so every webmaster will have at least 10 to 20 a few stations, I have seen a more frenzied a webmaster, he has done nearly more than 200 people. In the group to find a connection to the whole connection several screen, the spectacular ah, but I really don’t know why he is maintenance, I have the 10 several 20, every day a few articles updated me busy, because I am not a full-time, to work during the day, only at night there are so few hours, hard business months Baidu included a look at IP growth, although each station only a few to tens, although dozens of standing together one day only the poor little GG click, but after all it is with what many in the middle of the night perhaps, in the eyes of others is just a pile of garbage, the domain name is not good, the flow is not good, is not good…

personal webmaster in the network world is always so small, small and fragile, a small part can keep all of your efforts come to nothing! Hard-earned thousand to the alliance, it is going to pay, but suddenly see no tidings, Kazakhstan is not easy to Baidu included, because there is no record, the site will be closed, but the record can represent what, what vulgar remediation and renovation, the Internet has really not vulgar, is a warning to others, or kill a worship! Chinese situation here, the Internet environment here. Now you go to Baidu search "color" and see what it is, the domestic space to let you go, a foreign IP, to pay more than 100 dollars to buy a foreign space, and sealed the foreigner IP, but Free door, the search keyword sealed, but there are many pornographic stations are not by search, IPN million, all that can not solve the problem from the surface >