Method for improving website traffic

improves website traffic cheats series 16 degrees theory

whether the corporate website or personal website to increase website traffic, because traffic is directly related to the website marketing, website profit, more and more enterprises or pay attention to traffic, and to find ways to improve the flow.

, the author and some netizens discussed how to improve the flow of Web site, and the results can not sum up what method. As personal blog traffic continues to increase, the website traffic and website optimization content also gradually deepen understanding, gradually also formed improve website traffic experience.

is the premise to improve website traffic to web content to do, how to do, how to promote the website, how to consolidate the flow, these problems a word or two can not solve the problem.

for this, this blog will launch "improve web traffic cheats" series of logs, for webmasters to improve the site traffic brings shortcut. Today’s sharing is: six degrees theory for improving web traffic.

what is the six degree theory,

?The popular explanation of the theory of

six degrees is that in the interpersonal context, it is necessary to make any acquaintance with a strange friend, in which the most of the six friends can achieve the goal. Extended to the blog, its personalized appeal is high, it will be more transparent. Communication between blogs can be face-to-face, and you can recognize new blogs through other indirect ways, and this awareness will not exceed six people.

blog is the most attention of friendly visit, to form a fixed circle. Blog is a form of Web site, the same applies to the six degree theory.

web traffic comes mainly from regular visitors and non fixed visitors, both of which bring traffic. Every website has regular visitors to visit, there is also the first new visiting new visitors, the number of new visitors visit became more regular visitors, visitors have to maintain the stability of fixed site traffic, rising and falling when not. These regular visitors will become the middle communicator of the six degree theory, which is known as the word of mouth effect".

the author finds that the six degree theory bears parallels with Ladd’s 250 law.

Ladd’s 250 law, the main content is:

each customer behind, there are roughly 250 friends and family. If you win a customer’s favor, it means winning 250 people’s favor; on the other hand, if you offend a customer, it means offending 250 customers. Maybe the number 250 a little praise, that truth is nothing more than on our website visitors, a visitor will likely bring a group of visitors to our website, this is all have some history, this part of the flow is not ignored wo. Therefore, to improve the website traffic, it is necessary to learn how to fix these fixed visitors.

How does

improve website traffic by using six degrees theory?