How does the website realize free to record experience to share

here to talk to you about the things for free, there are many methods for free, but also to the appropriate choice, everything has a price, some people said a famous saying, I also agree, free is the most expensive, why do you say so, seemingly free, but it spends a lot of time and your human, can you through these limited time and manpower can create more value and wealth.

I think everyone should know, free way to record the most direct and effective is to buy their own domain name can you buy space and domain name service provider to help record, they have the business and channels and responsibility to help you record, you only need to provide the corresponding data and information on the line, but must with the degree of cooperation is very complex, taking pictures for the record, mailing information, ID scan and other information, these are acceptable and can be the most promise, can not let you stand I think should be a matter of time for the record, they promised time is one month, at least about 20 A working day, because the process is like this, you have to make compromises, the main benefit is that the record do not spend money, free of charge for the record, but you have to pay is a month Hard, patient,


is also a method of its own for the record, this should have a few conditions, this condition I am afraid you cannot record success, what conditions? It is that you have access, have good access providers to help you access your registration information, and smoothly through the audit, then what is a fate. After access providers fix the proposed access providers, according to the requirements of the information required to ready their landing system filing information, this is not only at the same time, you personally operation, after the finish will certainly have some sense of achievement and satisfaction, but for the record if you can successfully pass is something, if you can quickly it is through the record, to the satisfaction of all things, if not, for you will be brought about by the tragedy and a heavy blow, in the end also ask for help to solve. In particular has been submitted for the record of the domain name, many people are not willing to take such a record, because there are some restrictions on the submitted, they again submitted for the record will be prompted to repeat the theme information, the main reason is because you have already submitted the record information, there no undo down their

record!Of course, there are a lot of

, also can pass, on time than the space business to help you record some slow, but at least have ten days or so, the most efficient method is the most effective authorization to people, this is a wise move. If you are not good at this, please find at this person, by their professional staff to help you deal with it than you much better, the speed and efficiency of these is no problem, the only problem is free is the most expensive, the money paid to buy. Is comfortable, convenient, fast and efficient. So, don’t use it free. Although I share the experience of free filing, this method will delay your time. If you don’t think it’s a long time, you can choose what I can do