To content Entrepreneurs what you expect to pay for the content is not related to you

Abstract: I believe that the contents of entrepreneurs have a little feeling, so in the pay dividend before the arrival of a word, share with you by Uber founder Kalanick: "you will have strong faith, let you forever."

the evening of August 6th, a suspected WeChat open subscription function. In the rapid spread of the Internet, and pay the topic again tease from the content of entrepreneurs sensitive nerve. In a time when everyone is from the media, but almost everyone does not attach importance to copyright era, how to make the majority of entrepreneurs feel confused content.

When the

logic thinking team to create content subscription platform "" on the right track, Himalaya platform quickly follow, a time really seems ready to pay for content. But for the majority of entrepreneurs, how far can pay to pay, how much can go out of the body is closely related to their own thing.

after all, if the contents of the bonus paid can only serve as head resources and services, then the content is not a successful payment. But on the other hand, with the information explosion intensified, content of entrepreneurs is the direction toward which the creation can be a glimpse of massive information in a


content payment market is hot

The concept of

content payment for ordinary Internet penetration has made some achievements.

according to iResearch released earlier in 2016 "China New Media Network User Research Report", 33.8% new media users have had on the new media content paid, 15.6% of users have the willingness to pay but no pay behavior. 50.6% of new media users do not want to pay for new media content, and in 2014 this figure is $69.7%.

pay this "evil" can blow at present can make nothing of it but it is certain that, in a period of time, with all content linked projects and enterprises will try to grab a cup of soup. As a general content entrepreneurs or from the media, may wish to follow the existing content of several pay trends to find their own opportunities.

polymerization information platform: play + advertising into

play reward, is based on the era of mass media payment model, currently in WeChat and other mainstream information class app has been widely used. The so-called reward, the platform is open to users through the function of the high quality of the contents of the spontaneous cash incentives, can be regarded as a more affordable way to pay the internet.

but the content is not optimistic about the operation from the point of view of the operation. First of all, most of the platform function module of the right to use the reward on control is hard, a lot of new incoming content practitioners need long time creation can be used to reward, and reward function and can not bring stable income for yourself.

such as WeChat is no longer the initiative to provide traffic support platform, the new content practitioners obviously no >