Follow your interests and earn your interest

The two day

found a little gunpowder Adsense online, is mainly an article "do stand is an interest and will not do stand as a kind of occupation", followed by a "do" station is an interest and not do stand as a kind of occupation "feeling" then a lot of, oh.

I’m here to tell you what I think of the station.

is indeed an interest in standing, but doing a station is also a profession. It is the most profitable to make money with interest.

is like reading. It is different to read with interest than to be forced to read.

here, site, if purely for money, may be able to make money site, but definitely can not do a good site.

and do the website, with interest, into, and never tired of, so in fact in the process of harvest joy, harvest money.

I finished my graduate entrance examination in January this year. I made a station: computer knowledge network, and the main orientation was the basic knowledge of computer. But later, I found that this is too little, and I do not have enough time to go to other sites posted articles, go to Baidu Fengyun list to find popular keywords, although there are traffic, but unlike my original idea.

I went home last month. I’m not going to stay in Beijing. I’m going home to find a job.

this time my father has retired and has nothing to do at home. I told him about my website, and I said I almost didn’t have time to update my website.

he said, "that’s right. You teach me how to do it. I’ll update you. I don’t have anything else to do at home.".

so I taught him, and then he updated every day, not a single day, a few. However, he is to go to some large sites, forums to find the better, and then add some experience. Anyway, he has plenty of time, sometimes he can find one in a couple of hours.

when I gave him the website, I couldn’t get a job. About half a month, find a website optimization.

at this time, I found that my website search "computer knowledge", my site even ranked third. Originally in the first page, but all in 8, 9 hovering. I looked at the article he sent, are very basic kind of, what computer knowledge 23 (Rookie must read), the computer uses ten small skills and so on article, and click on quantity is not low.

he was interested in it and found it very interesting.

, a few days ago, he called me and said, "look, how can you stop your website? Is it blocked?". Very anxious appearance.

I was a little something, and after a while to see, is a domain name resolution out of the question, I contacted the next space customer service, a problem solved, I told him that the site is good. He said, "that’s all right. I’m ok."