[essay] look at webmaster net you should know how to grasp the opportunity

                      I am in stationmaster net (admin5.com) after 1 years of "Infernal Affairs", but has not published a "article", the main reason with many webmaster brothers wrote, "because of lack of ink", so not disgrace. Today I can no longer hold; if you want to ask why? I tell you, the reason lies in the stationmaster net held "404 page game"; I want to take this opportunity to exercise their own writing today, by the way for my station for a decent chance AD".

                      you must brothers should know "404 page" is used to do what, the activities organized by the stationmaster net starting point is very good. Through the activities can let us to pay attention to, to understand the importance of the 404 error page on our website optimization, before the activity did not hold my estimates that many webmaster website like me is 404 page is not set, but from today I tadpole video shop (keedoo.cn) under the root directory of a 404.HTM page I see, we the participants have a friend said very well, he said "even" is wrong, is not lost, a waste of IP". What a real word!

                          webmaster friends, we in the later process of site really should pay attention to every detail, don’t let the potential IP because of an error page and Bai Baidiu lost.

PS: finally, please attach my entry materials:

website name: tadpole Image MuseumThe

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