Electricity supplier war soon five must see web thematic design Sketchpad

once a year business promotion climax coming last year, Tmall’s dual 11 electricity supplier war imminent, also visible before the eyes, and the indispensable main force UI designer is an important tool for this war, "let all kinds of special design dazzling can also catch the attention of users Oh, here to share several petals for web designers to organize their own special design as the designer of the UI drawing board, you can not miss Oh!

one, with Taobao UED executives studying web design,

taobao.com as Asia’s largest online trading platform, has a leading position in the field of electricity providers, Taobao UED director friven Sketchpad collected a lot of UI in the essence of the design, it is not difficult to see the global UI design leader.

Sketchpad address: http://s.huaban.com/boards/409497/

drawing board name: Web.Interface.Asia


two, Taobao’s excellent home page, featured

The author of

‘s Sketchpad has collected and compiled many classic pages and activities from Taobao. It is not difficult to find a design suitable for you.

Sketchpad address: http://s.huaban.com/boards/1440918/

drawing board name: Active, page, for, taobao


three, the domestic excellent electricity supplier page

drawing board in the collection of domestic electricity supplier of many excellent topic page, you can see a lot of great design case.

Sketchpad address: http://s.huaban.com/boards/3181609/

drawing board name: [Topic] – electricity supplier page


four, the latest and most popular web design case

, the collection of the most complete, most turbulent, best website design case, only you can not imagine creativity, absolutely let you eye opening.

Sketchpad address: http://s.huaban.com/boards/2270034/

drawing board name: web.1


five, page layout color reference


Sketchpad author collects web pages of different layout and color matching, and allows you to see typography and color mastering skills.

Sketchpad address: http://s.huaban>