Fresh Tootoo guards growing record


In the age of

in late sixteenth Century, Holland introduced tulips from West Asia Peninsula, after the Amsterdam tulip craze for the fishing village into a "golden age", but as the tulip bubble burst, the former world financial centre has ceased to exist.

since then, the tulip bubble has been likened to frenzied speculation, and this situation has been everywhere.

The hottest

now vertical electricity supplier in the non agriculture is fresh, but in the wild, Tootoo still remained calm, "the size of the US is not the most important" Tootoo CEO Du has been to send business reporters stressed.

"I believe in the whole industry or to follow a benign development, if you do not have a reasonable profit model, not a sustainable profit method, a few years later, what will happen? To be packaged and sold to Jingdong? Impossible, this time has passed. We often say a word, "do not follow the trend of their own, imitate, to make money.""."

people should understand the business, stable and pragmatic is characteristic of Du Fei, before July 2012 to join the Tootoo community, he served as general manager of the red child mall, and then push forward is in HC engaged in the research and analysis work, has accumulated more than ten years of business experience hailun.

look, whether it is Tmall, Jingdong,, and even preferred SF counterparts Tootoo had their lives standing on the air "who do not make the scale of homeopathy? Tootoo why act in a diametrically opposite way, this is not to" God "


operation condition

, compared to other colleagues, has been very low-key. According to public information, the company is an online supermarket focusing on organic and safe food.

According to

Du Fei, Tootoo positioning in favor of agricultural business, with several other electricity supplier fresh counterparts have great difference in the product, the main or poultry eggs and milk and vegetables from the farm to adhere to in the mode of cold chain distribution, in the middle of the B2C, the enterprise level B2B, including mobile means of access to the user.

, which is a unified supply of direct farms and joint farms, has 8 joint farms across the country, in addition to the Beijing Pinggu self owned farm. After a series of adjustments and deletions, there are more than 2600 SKU and a singular number of 2800-3000, with turnover of 77 million last year, compared with 23 million 500 thousand in 2012, with a growth rate of 227% and a profit of about about 4600000.

because of its logistics limited investment, the main focus is still on the market in Beijing, Beijing within the six ring can achieve the next day. The region’s market share also accounted for 80% of all sales. The East China market is the second main battlefield of the Tuojiang construction company