Advertising alliance tricks increase Adsense choose alliance to be careful


advertising alliance now too much, a few days ago to see an advertising alliance advertising is full 100 to send 100, but today saw a advertising alliance advertising is now 100 yuan 300 arrival, I was thinking of these advertising alliance webmaster don’t eat much, but also provided 100 send 200, I said it to friends, friends laughed and told me: if you enter the advertising alliance, then you will never get to the union funds 100 yuan, this is advertising alliance with the underhand, listening to a friend’s words better than reading ten books, and I spent 1 days the time to collect some tricks of the advertising alliance, the publication, please the webmaster to pay attention.

one, never trust the so-called "send money"

mentioned, over 100 to send money, through my understanding of these activities is a new pattern of some advertising alliance webmaster want to come out, let the webmaster advertised for them, the general situation is to reach 95 yuan of money will not increase, or account said that cheating was blocked finally, I for the advertising alliance webmaster calculations, find it worthwhile, now existing advertising alliance program is free, a domain name of 50 yuan, a space of 50 yuan, the promotion expenses 3000 yuan, that the advertising alliance owners only need to spend 3100 yuan of money can attract many owners to join this advertising, if there are 100 owners to join, then the advertising alliance at least profit of more than 5000, no wonder so many money, the Union chief is holding a fortune is changing. The decision. You must be careful when you choose.

two, never trust the so-called super high advertising fees

now some advertising alliance in order to attract owners do not fold means, click on the 1000IP/ advertising costs reached 100 yuan, which also allow some owners to see the heart, but the stationmaster whether you think you can get the money? Exceed the market price several times the cost of advertisement is quite attractive, but ninety-nine percent out of the station money, because you will be the title. Some advertising alliance is the name of high advertising brand has attracted numerous owners to join, finally these stationmaster only got website advertising, I suggest you see beyond the market price too much advertising website, leave it, this is probably a hoax.

three, pull firmly on the Commission phenomenon

say goodbye

part of the advertising alliance webmaster also methodical, when advertising the lack of popularity will try to attract owners, some owners take the method of Union Commission, for example, you are a member of the union, you through your alliance to pull a person so you can take what percentage of his ad commission the fee, by this way the advertising alliance is pocketed popularity, but the stationmaster that you couldn’t see the background data, do you know how many people do you pull? Most is a bottomless pit, you may pull 1>