Takeaway O2O do so fly to the food will build logistics science Jingdong

[platform] how to attract restaurants and users, rely on the service. In my opinion, the core business logic of local life service O2O is to do good service.


/ Sun Hao,

I am a product manager and have always wanted my product to really influence the user’s daily life. After leaving Hua Hua century in 2005, he started his own business.

two times trial and error, local life service, accumulation of business development experience

at the very beginning, I want to make use of wireless and traditional media to do a local life service business. It can be understood as an accurate marketing platform based on business circles. Three attempts were not very successful.

first did pocket books, similar to advertising yellow pages. For example, businesses around the Wangjing area can put their ads in their pocket books and I will distribute them to residents in each district. The first phase of the pocket book is to make money, but later cut off, because of the influence of yellow pages to rely on to do it, the cost is very huge, many small businesses are hoping to see the customer flow pages gave them immediately, once the effect is not up to their expectations, is not willing to advertise again, this is a very burn project.

tried second times to do a client, similar to the current APP, but later failed. That year, or Java (Language) era, the light adaptation model will have to do a lot of work, the market is too early. It will be easy for Android to get up.

has also finally tried a wireless controlled LED (AD) screen – the merchant’s advertising screen. Later, it failed because, like the pocket book, it was impossible to assess which client had been drained through my advertisement.

in Lihua sold abroad for the real needs of the user to witness

(2007, September, entrepreneurship is not successful) friends ("entrepreneurs" & I horse note: it is reported that the cast Lihua investors) introduced me to Lihua Fast food do occupation managers.

is the largest in the year of Lihua (Catering) provider takeaway. From the food production to distribution, are doing their own. In the prime of life, (Li Hua) in Beijing, 12 thousand orders for takeout a day, 7, 8 people of the distribution team. In more than two years time Lihua, I experienced all the business, learn how the traditional enterprise operation, take out what to do, also recognize (food) and short of general B2C takeaway logistics logistics is not the same thing. At that time, in the eight National City Lihua straight battalion, a team of 3000 people a day to send tens of thousands of copies of takeout. Lihua on the ground (do takeaway delivery), what we have experienced, then some problems encountered, know how to deal with. No Lihua experience, I probably won’t have the confidence to do home. At the same time, I realized that apart from work meals, the demand for home meals was strong, too