The most important thing is not money but friends

business is not short, failure more than once, every time in the failure to stand up, every time I told myself that I will succeed, because I have been insisting. Because there are friends on the road to support and help.

used to think money is the lack of business on the road, if the money, I would have succeeded, since money online networks account, I found that I had the wrong idea, entrepreneurs tell me "start on the road most is not the lack of money, but friends". Money can do a lot of things, but starting a business with money is not always a good thing, but it can be a bad thing.

has not seen my people feel that I am very much, make money online do Chinese largest online bookkeeping website, but my friends all know that I am a very ordinary person, I have the ability to more people than is. Then make money online, by what is it? Is to rely on friends and members of the support and help.

I’m a big man, ineloquent, strain ability is not good, eloquence is not good, in the fields of marketing, website operation, membership management, I do not know, are feeling the stones. But I’m glad what they can know a lot of friends through the Internet, they do not understand something, so many friends understand, ask them questions, they are very happy to share with me, tell me what to do.

has encountered some extreme friends, whether or not good deeds, let me continue to grow, a friend advised me to give up money online, friends are very supportive of my money online, some friends hate my soft promotion, some friends are very enthusiastic to help some friends very enthusiastic other advice. Look back the development of online banking customers, every step has quietly support and help of my friends.


server when we are not enough, our friends sponsor server; when a friend when resources promotion, always help promote our money online; when we have no money to rent office space, friends to provide free office space; when we have no publicity expenses, friends take the initiative to help us propaganda; when we have no money on advertising friends, take the initiative to help us write text reports; when we don’t know how to do, friends always give us the most clearly the most effective. Yes, there are too many help. Thank you so much for every friend on the road. I want to say "thank you" to you".


entrepreneurship is difficult, but with friends support and help, hardship is a kind of happiness. Many people ask money online now to 250 thousand users, how much money to do the promotion? I can tell you "propaganda cost no more than $2 thousand". You help, he helped, and slowly accumulated over the years to do. Although it is inseparable from our efforts, without the support and help of these friends, I do not think much money will go to the effect of today.

my business trip, the most missing is not money, but friends. (author >