Webmaster share four years of promotion experience teach you to play site promotion next

wrote "webmaster sharing: four years marketing experience to teach you the upper part of the website promotion" fun, today to share part, I hope this several years of marketing experience to help the webmaster and network popularization personnel. OK, don’t talk nonsense, then write down.

11, micro-blog promotion act,

is now playing more and more people at micro-blog, so micro-blog to promote their products and site effect will be very good, go to NetEase such as Sina, Sohu, QQ, the famous micro-blog platform to registered account, and then publish the company and product information. It should be noted that micro-blog is also a weight, and need to be raised.

12, signature promotion,

your chat tools and you in the forum account registration department of his signature, the signature can be used to the company web site can also be a sentence to introduce the core selling point, for example,: A5 station network: network business must see website, so you see your signature, know what you are.

13, business card, publicity page promotion,

generally, companies print the promotional pages of their products and print cards for their employees, adding their company web pages to the publicity page and business cards.

14, exchange links promotion method

this should be the most primitive of all kinds of website promotion methods, but the existence is reasonable, but no one knows how many famous websites begin with exchanging friendship links.

15, one-way links to other sites

may we all know the importance of links, so sometimes with chain like gold, not willing to give other website links, but it is not good, when your site has not been when the authority of the site, it will become a hub site, to other website links, which can enrich their own website and information. In Internet users search other stand, and possible their web page results.

16, publish task promotion method

is now able to publish tasks on many websites, not only to attract people who accept tasks, but also to attract a large number of onlookers. We should make full use of this mode of communication.

17, release recruitment or part-time promotion law,

releases information in the recruitment network or part time network. The temptation to write information is not only attractive to applicants, but also attracts a large number of onlookers.

18, program promotion method,

built its own development program or template, free for others to use, the program with own copyright information and web site, the popular zblog and wordpress blog program, if it can be used for others to download for the development of a good template can bring great effect to your website weight.

19, word of mouth promotion,