The seven trick teaches you how to quickly get content from your web site

site need to think about three good problems, one is the direction; two is content; three is the outer chain. Whatever you want to do what kind of website, the content is very important, but now the search engine ranking rules, the content of the website need not only original, but also need to have the high quality of the original value. And this is also the webmaster most headache, write a day of original no problem, write a month two months also reluctantly, but wrote three months later, estimated on the irritability, plus no content can write. But this is just a web site, if the site is much too busy to attend to all that. This article I share with you about the website content of some experience, I hope we can communicate with you.

1, collect keywords, according to keywords to write.

use Baidu keyword tool export promotion background keywords and long tail words, in addition to the use of various search engines of the drop-down box and relevant search, the relevant key sorted out, all the words are sorted by Excel table, when you write, in accordance with the table to write. Write the content of the site, and we go to school to write the same composition, the theme is OK, written. And the content is related, the representative of the user is also the largest amount of search words, but also in line with user needs.

2, collection questions and answers platform title and answer

this is what I like to use very much, because do not bother to think the title, but also to meet user needs, then look at the major issues on the platform is a very good choice. You can use the locomotive to Baidu know, 360 quiz platform title and answers are collected, and then modify the original according to these questions and answers, because these many answers are very simple, so we need to do is to perfect the answer, so that it can truly become an article, but also can solve the problem of users article.

3, looking for part-time editor or Witkey

a person’s thinking is limited, write more always Evans exhausted, this time can choose to find a part-time editor, you can find in the QQ group or Witkey web sites to find the price is not high, in fact, of course, the premise is your site is a profit point, if the site has not been so profitable, or write your own then, with a few of my own station, there is a pre income, so also looking for part-time editor to write, write after half a year, because the original advertisers no longer advertising has no income, so I began to write their own.

4, contact school for essay contest,

because I have a movie website, the original article is only critics, and then I found several university teacher, said contact held an essay contest, the top three are qualified, as we all know, college students for the certificate of this kind of stuff in it, even if it is a an essay competition, the teacher just casually mention with several monitor, monitor and communicate to their classmates, participation is still a lot of people.