Websites should be cautious about third party certification

station may not be negligent, this is my experience recently very deep! Maybe you are a careless search engine to see is a serious mistake, then you will feel shy, was invited to the unpopular list. Well, talk about my own station, switch power portal network in May 13th began to stop updating snapshot, beginning two days a day or the same as a normal included, just snapshot change has been maintained 13. On the morning of 17, I checked and found that the snapshot of your home was gone. (for the time being, it was actually hidden by Baidu). It was a scare, and I was the first time K station, "place" so contributed to the Baidu


I carefully thought, since the 13 since the website has done any change: daily updates, but also done some outside chain release, there is no problem. Then check your friendship link, at this time found that there is a link, Baidu only included a page, and the other nothing, and this is not the case before. Hurry to get this link, and when you point to some websites that Baidu doesn’t like, you’ll be charged with it. Then suddenly I thought that when my website opened a few days ago, the 360 screen shield would have "stopped JS script," and second days later it didn’t show up and the front page was gone. At the beginning I did not care, I thought it was something machine under the "winning"! Now imagine with the website there, open the 360 record, it really is my site to the malicious "JS", and for several days. My site JS had a few, I want to target the "letter Star Program" JS, because it only stands outside the JS with rising site guards, rising is unlikely, is he. Then with the letter star customer contact they know the website was hacked, hanging horse, lead to the JS website and follow the prompts, Trojan! Find the reasons to delete "marked letter star", then Baidu wishlists re collection of my website.

then wrote a few articles of his own, to the major forums, blog hair. Finished these, listen to the famous day, etc., originally prepared to wait for Baidu to observe me, I did not expect second days on the snapshot back to me, but also included a snapshot of the day! Finally get rid of the K home crisis. Write the way to remind you webmaster here now, hackers rampant, must be careful, and the third party authentication what to do as little as possible, after all, is not their own, out of the accident and no one will notice you, especially free

certification!Please take

to kill the link by webmaster feeds thank you!