Teach you how to do a high quality film and television station

talk about my own movie station experience: last year the crackdown, the station was closed in jittery oppression, many websites. There are most owners still insist, I deeply feel the website of the road will be more difficult, however, I still insist on, never give up, here to share experience, hope to just contact the movie station and the movie Webmaster Help struggling.

1: program selection: now the movie station program is the hottest Marx. This program is easy for beginners to start with. With static generation, with a movie, a key acquisition is very convenient, is currently the most popular movie program.

2. user experience: if you want to be a movie station for a long time. User experience is critical, the beauty of the interface and the speed of the station are important factors to retain visitors.

3 Update in time: popular movies and TV drama should be updated in time, good at the latest video of the dynamic, the first update, take yourself as a user point of view to consider, not just the webmaster.

4: publicity skills: the movie station in the early stage is publicity, publicity, you can use SOSO ask. End of the world to ask these platforms to promote, these 2 platforms is also my key recommendation. Baidu index can be used to inquire about the most popular movies for positioning propaganda, many novices have been worried about traffic, it is not understood how to carry out publicity, resulting in propaganda skills mastered. Traffic will multiply rapidly.

5: QQ group interaction: there are traffic, we have to find ways to keep users, you can build a few QQ group. Let users in the group do interactive communication, video sharing, don’t belittle QQ group. A QQ group 500 people. If these 500 people introduce a person, this flow will increase a lot. This potential power can not be ignored.

summed up, the movie station to learn to change, publicity, so that traffic will come rolling, but also hope that we have chosen this line, do not easily give up. Thank you for supporting the next station www.gotvba.com Nora film, starting A5, reprinted please specify.