Ten problems that must be paid attention to in enterprise website construction

enterprise website has become the foundation of an enterprise Internet strategy, some people say, 10 years later, the Internet industry will disappear. Not to say that the Internet does not exist, but that the Internet has been integrated into every aspect of economic life. Any enterprise has its own web site, through its own website for brand publicity, customer service, product orders, and even production activities control. Just like an enterprise telephone book, is there a web site that will become one of the criteria for judging whether an enterprise is formal or not?. Just as offices require office space, the site will become a virtual office location for companies, drawing all visitors and users from the network to fixed sites, making them the ultimate users of the enterprise.

then, an enterprise to build a successful website, need to pay attention to what the problem? The author summed up his years of experience in the industry, believes that enterprises in their scheme considering the site, at least should pay attention to the following aspects:

one, find your own location,

sites are diverse, but not all site types fit you.

was the first to understand their own industry characteristics, they want to meet what the user needs, they want to through the website to do what? If it is the fashion category, digital, auto and even catering, the user is relatively young, fashion, and your website is mainly based on a product launch, is recommended a flash station minisite, this site is cool and unusual, very easy to attract users from the form. If it is a general enterprise, want to Advertise yourself through the website, then suggest using the general website form. And if the purpose of the station is to expand sales through the network, to achieve network order, it is e-commerce website.

to find their own location, is to build a web site. Not the better technology, the more abstruse effect is better. Different users have different needs. For young users, it may be cool, for business people, it is simple and quick.

two, select the appropriate front-end technology


finds a location, it can consider what front-end technology is used to build the site. Emphasizing front-end technology here is not to say that background technology is unimportant. But background technology is basically not related to the user, and for the development of enterprise sites, have been very mature, regardless of ASP, asp.net, PHP or JSP, there is no big problem. And the front end is closely related to the way your site is represented, which in turn affects what kind of Web site you want to show the user.

as we mentioned earlier, if you want to make a cool, cool, and around the product launch site, flash technology is definitely the best choice. And if the requirement is simple and quick, the characteristics of business applications are more obvious, then you can use the general website technology, of course, you can also appropriately match some JS, so that your user experience is more complete