The educational entrance examination website has unlimited business opportunities recently

college entrance examination has ended, but the college entrance examination after the economy has not overlooked. Probably most webmaster friends don’t know. At present, there are many schools, especially some private universities, vocational training schools have a large part of the students are through the network to recruit students. Because it is outside the college entrance examination plan, so some of the college entrance examination did not test well, but eager to go to a "good" University candidates, still want to go to such a school. And parents are also affected by the face, spend more money is willing.

schools are expensive, so the Commission for their admissions agents is quite high. Last year, a friend found me and wanted me to help him with his enrollment online. Say recruit one is 1500 yuan / person, and buy, say what spend about one hundred thousand can go up except Peking University, Qinghua University of all Chinese universities, three hundred thousand all Chinese universities can go up. However, second kinds of a little illegal feeling did not do. The first one is ok.

so, do more than two months, until September, my college entrance examination information website traffic is still amazing, and usually one thousand IP less than. There were tens of thousands of them. Of course, come to consult the examinee, every day there are dozens of people.

At the end of the

but I’m very disappointed to 200 people to a friend, he had the nerve to say, only to the two person!! no way, but finally took only three thousand, and with another friend equally, because we have to engage in construction site.

unfortunately, this year, the site K, almost no traffic. So here I hope to have friends in this area can contact me. Have the opportunity to work together! This is a very promising market. Webmaster friends, must not miss it.

my QQ, 190587890, interested friends can add me, plus I explain, the college entrance examination. Thank you,