Workshop network operation series three pay attention to detail build a successful workshop networ

the Jiaxing plant site ( knocked out a word, not copy any content in you have seen after, have little talent and less learning, feel in writing is OK, you clap, if you think this is too small for pediatric, then please criticism one or two. No insult! Please respect other people’s work,


this article is the website of the workshop of stationmaster of workshop of Jiaxing workshop, third, the purpose of this article is to discuss with everybody, build a successful workshop information network. The first


a successful website can not do without good content, and a successful workshop can not be separated from the effective supply and demand information of the workshop. Therefore, to build a successful workshop, we must find a good supply and demand information, which of course we can Baidu, I believe you will be able to know.

a successful website should pay more attention to the details. For example, the Jiaxing workshop website ( has added the "model of workshop lease contract" under the website navigation bar. This will be able to provide many users of the rental plant for the first time, but a small service shows the Jiaxing workshop network intimate, users will feel your mind, it will naturally help you conduct word of mouth propaganda. In the course of contacts, we do not have the station popular? Of course, this example is only for your reference, to provide one-stop service is the ultimate goal of building network.

‘s attention to detail is very interesting in the development and operation of today’s Web site. Take the author, when I was working in Shenzhen, we had a meeting with our entire website department for three days and nights because of the user experience problem. We get our users each one airs his own views firmly grasp.

topic back to today’s theme "workshop network", the factory network should pay attention to the details of what? 1. information valid and reliable, it is best to try to avoid intermediary information. 2., the website opens fast, the content is clear, the typesetting is relaxed and neat. The introduction of some good details of the service ability of the 3. cases, such as people demand plant, we found him right, call him in the past, told him that a call for a few cents IP although a bit expensive, but definitely let the person feel your sincerity, the line on the website the second day received 300 yuan in advertising, is to use this method.

pays attention to the details of plant network operation to provide a better environment for users. Workshop network can be said to be the last gold mine in the local industry portal, I hope the majority of owners grasp the opportunity. I hope too