How to make full use of micro blog to speed up the development of website community

With the rapid development and popularity of micro-blog,

has been involved in many fields and has become more and more pervasive. As Li Kaifu mentioned in his book, "micro-blog changes everything."". We can learn from the following report about micro-blog’s past, current situation and future trends. The following is a quote:

Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s public opinion research laboratory released the 2010 annual report of China’s micro-blog in December 28, 2010. The report predicts that the explosive growth of Chinese micro-blog users will occur around 2012 and 2013, and the market will enter a mature stage in 2013. As of October 2010, China’s micro-blog service access users reached 125 million 217 thousand people, the cumulative number of active registered accounts exceeded 65 million.

One of the

reports, Liu Gengyun, director of media economics and Management Research Center at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, pointed out that in 2010, the first year of the development of China’s micro-blog was called "blowout". He said that micro-blog’s "fast development, big impact" characteristics gradually reflect the trend of replacing forums and blogs".

according to the above information, we can foresee the swift and violent development of micro-blog, and can also understand the reality of coexistence of micro-blog and forum and blog in a certain period. So how do we make full use of micro-blog technology to promote the development of the forum? The author according to the recent practice to talk about a little experience, to share with you


first, micro-blog and the forum should be consistent,

1, positioning consistent:

, before positioning micro-blog, let’s see if we can answer the following two questions:

(1) who writes micro-blog, mainly refers to the targeting of the target population and makes it a loyal fan of its own.

(2) what is the purpose of writing micro-blog? Why? Everyone’s goals are varied. Some are to record their lives, to socialize, to learn knowledge, technology, to share ideas, experiences, leisure, entertainment, etc.

, through an interview with Li Kaifu in the Q & A to deepen the above two points of understanding:


;     the following reference:

question: why do you write micro-blog


Li Kaifu: I write micro-blog’s purpose: to record my thoughts and interesting things + positive influences on society and others.

question: give your kids advice on how to use micro-blog

Li Kaifu: 1) don’t just watch gossip, socialize, play games with micro-blog. Micro-blog is a great learning tool and allows you to add a teacher just by clicking on "attention". 2) do not silence, do not dive. This is a great opportunity for the silent public to make a sound. Even a "forwarding" is also one of the mechanisms of mass wisdom. 3) society