Fujian provincial university students will be set up innovation and entrepreneurship mentor Library

no matter what kind of development path, if there is a reliable mentor as a beacon, it will be able to benefit people. In order to help entrepreneurs to better carry out entrepreneurial work, Fujian will build a college student innovation and entrepreneurship mentor library.

universities to select the appropriate supervisor, supervisor from the library initiative, discuss cooperation intention, the two-way selection based on the guidance of innovation and entrepreneurship, signed the agreement, the provincial education department for the record, formally appointed as the school for innovative entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship mentor school awarded for a period of three years.

the provincial education department to carry out dynamic management to be renewed in the tutorial library, college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship guidance activities; performance positively, cannot be competent for guiding the work of many or no reason not to participate in entrepreneurship activities, teacher qualifications cancel.

The establishment of

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