The latest research shows University of California old breast the fastest health network

according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the University of California, Losangeles, experts found that in human organs, breast tissue will be faster than other parts of aging.

the David Geffen School of Medicine Professor Steve Horvath? Found "biological clock" can accurately measure the aging degree of body tissue. He pointed out that the speed of the biological clock is not constant, it is 20 years old before the rotation is very fast, until after the age of 20 will slow down to a relatively constant state.

he found that the degree of aging of healthy breast tissue exceeded that of other parts of the body 2~3. And a woman with breast cancer, the tumor near the healthy breast tissue than other parts of the body to 12 years old. At the same time, the biological clock also measured tumor tissue and found that it was 36 years older than healthy tissue.

The results of the

study may explain why breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. It also explains why age is a major risk factor for cancer.

is worth noting that Professor Horvat also monitored the human body’s multifunctional stem cells – the adult body can be arbitrarily combined and split of new stem cells. He found that the biological clock was reset to 0 at the same time that the human cells were converted into multifunctional stem cells.

therefore, if there is evidence that the biological clock controls the aging process of the human body, it will become an important biological indicator for the study of the human body.