Pricing strategies for online commodity pricing skills

is now in the open shop, master some appropriate pricing strategy is very important, because after all, open shop and some traditional stores there are still many places is not the same, so in the online shop need to grasp what the pricing strategy?

A, sales for the same price

segmentation method

1. with smaller unit quotes. For example, 10 yuan per kilogram of tea reported per 50  grams of rice per ton of $1000 reported to be $1 per kilogram, etc.. Paris subway advertising: "just pay 30 francs, there are only 2 million passengers can see your ad. "

2. compares prices with smaller units. For example, "take a cigarette a day, and you can order a newspaper every day. "Use the refrigerator a daily average of 0.2 yuan electricity, only enough to eat a popsicle!"

three, special price

special price method is to put on the market in the new goods, the price will be significantly higher than the cost, make the enterprise get a lot of profit in the short term, then according to the market situation changes to adjust the price.

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