Women working at night after night prone breast cancer early may be at higher risk of ‘s

A study published in the

issue of the American Journal of occupational and environmental medicine points out that a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer increases by two nights per week. If you get up early on the second day after the night shift, a higher risk of breast cancer.

reported that the Danish Cancer Society Cancer Epidemiology Research Institute Johnny? Hansen led the research team, more than 1.85 women were collected from 1964 to 1999 in the Danish army office data, found 210 breast cancer patients, and they also served in the army, the 899 age of breast cancer but not similar women are compared.


researchers in the questionnaire about 141 breast cancer patients and 551 non breast cancer patient’s way of life, including work patterns, habits, how to use contraceptives, sunbathing habits etc.. The researchers also asked them to evaluate their belonging to the "early" or "night owl".


researchers found that on the night of the chance of breast cancer is not high on the night of 40%; at least 3 night a week, for at least 6 years, 50% increase in the risk of breast cancer patients; 4 times higher on the night and morning people. Not only the risk of breast cancer is less than the night.